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Pesantren Darul Mukhlishin

Pesantren Darul Mukhlisin UMI, as a place devoted to the Mind Enlightenment for academic community of UMI and the general public. This pesantren  is located in Padanglampe village Pangkep regency, its presence could not be separated from the lofty ideals of the founders of UMI, to foster and enhance the degree of community through educational and religious guidance. The foundation board and coaches of UMI are aware to see a growing phenomenon today, where the existing education system today, which emphasizes patterns a bright treatment or coaching on the brain in the sense of knowledge and skills alone, while fostering morality and his heart was forgotten.

In the 2000/2001 academic year, the pesantren has been enabled  to foster students of UMI, which starts from the freshmen, because have been realized that the students who entered in UMI come from educational institutions / schools vary from year to year and shows the lack of understanding / basic knowledge about Islam, as well as increasing awareness about the lack of morality (akhlaqul karimah).

During its development, not just the freshmen housed in the Pesantren Darul Mukhlishin but also the leadership, lecturers, staffs and students affair administrators of institution within the Wakaf  Foundation of UMI also participated . Pattern formation is done in this pesantren, in fact, it has received a positive response from parents of students of UMI, community and several government agencies and private sector.

Evidently some government agencies have been cooperating with this pesantren, such as the South Sulawesi Provincial Police (Student Officer SPN Batua), and Private university coordination region IX (Kopertis) Sulawesi, the Ministry of Religious Affairs Province South Sulawesi, Freshmen 07.08 of Faculty of Engineering of UNM Makassar, University of Gorontalo, the Government of Pangkep Regency, Local Government Training Agency  Pangkep Regency, Taklim Assembly of Government  Kolaka Regency. And there is also the general public who entrust their children, especially drug addicts (drugs).



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