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Typical Features of UMI

One of the dictum in the Charter of UMI, which was formulated by its founders was that the basic purpose of the establishment of UMI is to form expert, skilled, virtuous and pious to Allah, and UMI has the role of enforcer as symbols of noble ideas of Islam. Thus, since the establishment of  UMI has become a beacon of hope of the founders and the community at that time. How the application of education to be able to contribute to the intellectual life of the nation must be based on the Islamic value. It is part of nature and historical missions that are monumentally historical documents placed in UMI, as educational and dakwah  institution.

A. Islamic Campus Program

This program was launched in 1985 with the hope that UMI is not only able to carry out the mission of three professional activities in Higher Education which are worldly-minded, but also able to develop a vision of education in terms of ukhrawi based on self-consciousness of every man who involves themselves as creatures of Allah. Hence, with this program, it is expected that all academics of UMI can achieve complete servitude to their creator Allah.

Islamic campus program is a program that involves remedial character, which though it is not the same as the role performed by religious colleges, but at least the religious fervor remains a hallmark of UMI. It sounds ideal for creating the desired outcomes of UMI in which they are expected to be men who have an intellectual ulil Albab or qualified Muslims, a term that is revealed in the Holy Al-Quran given to scholars who are skilled and experts in accordance with the disciplinary knowledge and do not forget the remembrance and prostrate to Allah SWT. This quality is also the question as a whole person, craved by the people in Indonesia.

The actualization of Islamic campus as efforts to achieve the trust was carried by UMI academic society in the realization of the program and the manifestation of three professional activities of Higher Education treatise propagation through education and development of science and technology. UMI academics are expected to have the awareness to participate maximally in improving the quality of faith, morals and the mastery of science and technology and skills as an effort to develop their qualities as an individual who is weak and at the same time to improve the lives of Muslims in general, both in campus and  off the campus.

Principles of Islamic Campus Program, include:

  1. Academic and Teaching field is done through Islamization of science, by giving the Islamic style and ethic of all disciplines which will be given to students, set curriculum and method of presentation, especially Islamic religious education, eradicating illiterate the script of the holy Al-Qur’an for students and the entire academic society of UMI.
  2. Research field is conducting research on key issues faced by  Muslims.
  3. Services at the Society field is to do community service by coaching a priority and programmed in stages.
  4. Personnel field includes elements of leadership, employees who are directed to the Islamization of the working conditions of each unit.
  5. Student Affairs is faith formation, knowledge, skills and moral of students (including dress), which aimed at providing motivation, so that students have the spirit, idealism, patriotism and high loyalty to religion, nation and state, especially to their almamater.
  6. Education and Training field is an effort to provide the executive power for a variety of programs, both among lecturers and students.
  7. Coaching  syiar and  Islamic Guidance is  the utilization of campus, the prosperity of the mosque and the important days of Islam as well as other activities.
  8. Fostering public / Muslim community in the areas of mental, spiritual and Muslim brotherhood.
  9. Actively conducting outreach to the community, in efforts to increase and enhance welfare and skills in various fields.

The implementation of Islamic Campus Program should be maximized by all elements of campus that is in it, ranging from leadership to subordinate elements, including students, they need to be able to place themselves and realize that their existence other than as an executor in UMI mandate, as well as part of missionary activity. This determination continues inflamed to socialize the program to all areas of campus life.

B. Short Religious Training (Pesantren Kilat)

The existence of the Muslim University of Indonesia with its specific characterics  as an Islamic institution, the task and responsible is wider and heavier than just  produce scholars, seek to give an additional value to the students through the development of Islamic faith and Islamic ethics and mind enlightenment as a foundation for the future.

One concrete step that is applied at UMI in preparing men who are ready to compete in the era of globalization which is based on intellectual and emotional and spiritual intelligent, is the short religious boarding (Pesantren Kilat). Short religious boarding activity began in academic year 1989/1990 which is reserved for freshmen. This is done with the assumption that students entering in UMI come from different background, so that from the beginning we have provided an understanding of faith as doctrinal campus, morals and monotheism in Islam  which is then followed by a practical religion of Islam (read the holy Al-Qur’an and the practice of pray). During its development, the activities of short religious boarding is a substitute activity of students orientation (Introduction Orientation Campus) in welcoming freshmen, so the activity of students orientation removed / eliminated.

C. The Mind Enlightenment

Enlightenment of Mind activity is a specific characteristic of UMI as educational institution and dakwah organization, held in Students’ Boarding School Darul Mukhlisin UMI, which is located in the village Padanglampe, Pangkep Regency,  Campus IV of UMI. Its presence could not be separated from the lofty ideals of the founders of UMI, to foster and enhance the degree of community through education and religious formation. The builder UMI consciously looked at this growing phenomenon, where the existing education system today, which emphasizes patterns of bright treatment or coaching on the brain in the sense of knowledge and skills alone, while fostering morality and his heart was forgotten.

In the 2000/2001 academic year the boarding school has functioned to foster students of UMI, which starts from the freshmen, because it was realized that students who entered in UMI derived from educational institutions / schools vary and from year to year indicates the lack of understanding / basic knowledge about Islam, as well as increasing awareness about lack of akhlaqul karimah.

During its development, not just freshmen housed in the Pesantren Darul Mukhlishin but also the leadership, faculty in this case lecturers, staffs and administrators of institutions within the Wakaf UMI Foundation also participated in the program. Pattern formation is done in this boarding school in which it has received a positive response from parents of UMI students , community and several government agencies and private sector. Evidently some government agencies have been cooperating with the boarding school, such as the South Sulawesi Provincial Police and  Private University Coordination (Kopertis) Region IX and the University of Gorontalo. Also the general public who entrust their children, especially drug addicts (drugs).



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