UMI Makassar – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar holds Takhrij Thalabat 1,974 people followed in order graduation ceremony, Professional, Master, and Doctoral are confirmed as second-period alumni of UMI in 2016.

Graduation process lasted for two days, Saturday and Sunday (26-27 / 11/2016), Prof Masrurah revealed UMI achievements can not be separated from the support of all parties, including parents and sincerity of the academians in working.

Following that, Prof. Masrurah gives pieces of advice the alumni of UMI to uphold the truth and social responsibility as a commitment to respond the social issues by social concern.

“Let’s understand my children and my brothers, meaningful success is the success that brings the kind to others,” said Prof Masrurah warned.

Alumni UMI until November 2016 amounted to 88 494 people, Prof Masrurah also hope that the alumni of UMI in carrying out activities in the community to promote character-capable and provide the best habits.

(Humas UMI)