Praise be to God, UMI has affirmed its commitment as an educational institution and da’wah that prioritizes character building in its curriculum. It can be seen from board members of the Rector Forum where UMI’s rector is the only private university rector out of 21 higher education institutions’ leaders. This was said by the Rector of UMI, Prof.Dr. H. BasriModding, SE.,M.Si., when he was interviewed at the Umar bin Khattab Masjid after the monthly dzikir of all UMI’s staff.

He also said that on Monday, March-2-2020, the 21 rectorsmet with the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof.Dr. KH. Ma’ruf Amin at his palace.Before wemet him, we had discussed issues about the strategy to strengthen the national character in the Educational Institutions as the conversation topic in their meeting.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Trustee Board of YW UMI, Prof.Dr. H.MansyurRamly said that the presence of the Rector of UMI was as only representative from private universities out of 21 Indonesian Universities because some reasons. UMI not only has been acknowledged as the best private university with the ‘A’ accreditation but also UMI is well known as one of pioneers of the national building character establishment through its leadingprogram named “PencerahanQalbu”in the DarulMukhlisin Boarding of UMI in Padanglampe. He asserted that “UMI has had experiences and has carried out the character building programs,”

Furthermore, he recalleda few years ago, UMI was the only private university invited by KemenristekDikti  (Ministry of Research and Technology) to present a boarding-based character building program in front of the representative of state and private universitiesacross Indonesia. The 21 rectors of the universities that attended the meeting were the rector of Universitas Lampung, Unnes, Universitas Bengkulu, UPN Surabaya,Universitas Jambi, UNESA, UniversitasBrawijaya,Undip, UM, UNAIR, Unsyiah, UNG, Unsulbar, UNM, UNJ, UHO, UT, UNRAM, UNRAM, UNP, Banten, Untad, and UMI.