Makassar, – The Medical Faculty (FK) of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) held a workshop in the preparation of the re-accreditation for the Undergraduate of Medical Study Program and the Doctor Profession Study Program.

The workshop was held for four consecutive weeks Friday to Sunday and it was opened on Friday (19/2/2021) by the Rector of UMI Prof. Dr. H Basri Modding, S.E, M.Si. This activity will end on Saturday (13/3/2021).

The activity was attended by all officials of FK UMI and program studies under FK UMI. There are three invited facilitators, dr. Andi Insan Sosiawan Tunru, P.hD (from Jakarta), dr. Titi Savitri Prihatingsih, M.Med.Ed, P.hD (from Yogyakarta) and dr Tridjoko Hadianto, DTM & H, M.Kes (from Yogyakarta).

Prof. Basri Modding stressed that FK UMI is one of the exceptional faculties of UMI. Thus, it is the responsibility of FK UMI to remain a leading faculty, one of which is to maintain its A accreditation.

“We from the university leaders will always make a total support commitment to the Medical Faculty in order to maintain its superiority, we would do our best to provide the faculty’s needs “said Prof. Basri Modding, Monday (22/2/2021).

“Big targets will be easy if it is carried out together or what we call inter-functional functions,” continued the former Director of the UMI Postgraduate Program.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FK UMI, Prof. dr. H. Syarifuddin Wahid, PhD., SpPA (K), Sp.F, DFM said that re-accreditation which will be held in the near future is targeted to at least be able to maintain the A accreditation of LAM accreditation – PTKES or “Excellent”.

Furthermore the Professor of FK UMI stressed that they are planning to be internationally accredited in the near future.

“Insha Allah, within one year we will have re-accreditation. It is not easy to maintain excellent accreditation. We really hope that physical and non-physical supports can help us to achieve the target at this re-accreditation, “said Prof. Syarfuddin.