UMI Makassar – Preaching is the duty of every individual and group programmatically and continuously carried out in a systematic manner.

Likewise, Taklim as religious proselytizing (Dakwah)  agencies and non-formal education into the media to learn the science of religion and implemented in daily life.

It was delivered by the Rector of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI), Prof Dr. Hj Masrurah Mokhtar MA when opening taklim management training as the city of Makassar in 2nd Floor of UMI Tower, Saturday (19/11).

Taklim Assembly training is held by organizations devoted to the community (LPMD) who is also attended by the Secretary of LPMD UMI, Drs H Abd Rauf Assagaf MPd and KTU LPMD UMI, Asni Hj SE.

Prof Masrurah also said that there are differences in the management of Taklim Assembly then and now. The member of the institution is not only women but also men.

“Management of managerial becomes urgent for the development of Taklim Assembly today and to stay on the path of teaching and religious proselytizing (Dakwah),” Prof Masrurah warned.

Activities carried out two days (19-20 / 11/2016) also participants will receive materials in the form of lectures will also get right. practice.

(Humas UMI)