Abstract : The aims of this study were to discover (1) the effects of internal factors ah comprising product, price, promotion, location, process; (2) external factors such as religion, social class, reference, family, and technology; and (3) individual characteristics comprising motivation and psychological on the customer’s behavior in choosing Bank Syariah. The selection of samples was done by purposive sampling at 11 Banks Syariah in Makassar city. The results of the study indicate that (1) internal factors: sharing cost is secure and profitable, vast parking area, beautiful building (physical), and easy transaction (process); (2) external factors: flowers are contrary to Islamic teaching and family support; and (3) the bank prospect (individual characteristic) have a significant effect on the customer’s choice of Bank Syariah.

KEYWORDS: Consumer Behavior and Choice of Bank Syariah

Penulis : Hamzah Hafied
Artikel ini telah diterbitkan pada jurnal Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 5(1)95-104, 2015.

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