Bank Indonesia (BI), the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia, of Sulawesi region collaborated withUniversitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar to introduce the latest application of Quick Response Indonesia Standard (QRIS).

Theapplication introduction was presented in the 2020 National Qris Week entitled “Quick Response Analysis of Indonesian Standards (Qris) and Book Review of Bank 4.0”. The event was held in UMI Makassar’s Auditorium,Aljibra, on Tuesday (10/3/2020).

The Rector of UMI Makassar was represented by Vice Rector (WR) II, Prof. Dr. H. Salim Basalamah, SE., M.Si. Hewas expressing his appreciation for theevent and the socialization in his address.

He hoped that all participants, specially the lecturers of UMI, couldbenefit from this socialization which could support their future activities.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of BI for Sulawesi Region, Tjahjadi Prastono, said that this socialization was very beneficial for all parties. According to him, Bank Indonesia as a pillar of the central bank provided a payment system and maintained exchange rates in economic development.

“Qris is also very important in boosting the economy. Our aspiration is that Qris will assist society in their daily economic activities and will be used for the good purposes,” he said.

He then expected that the event at UMI could provide positive information so that UMI would collaborate with them. In that way, all payments activities would employ the Qris application.

“We hope that UMI can also use the app for the educational fees. It is better to use Qris as an alternative choice because it is more useful and friendly” he added.

BI launched the Quick Response (QR) Standard for payments via a server-based electronic money application, electronic wallet, or mobile banking called the QR Code Indonesian Standard (Qris).

He continued Qris was needed to anticipate the technological innovation and the development of payment channels using QR codes that could potentially cause new fragmentation in the payments industry, and to expand the social acceptance of national non-cash payments more efficiently. “Qris slogan is ‘UNGGUL’ which is the acronym for Universal, Gampamg (friendly), Untung (profitable), and Langsung (direct), which aims at encouraging transaction efficiency, accelerating financial inclusion, advancing small-medium enterprises. These all eventually can encourage our national economic growth,” he explained.