There was an interesting thing about the health screening service conducted by  the health screening post at the entrance gate of campus 2 UMI, as it was monitored today, Thursday (3/19).

The Crisis Center of Covid-19 has been running their job since Tuesday. They are running the disaster protocol which has been instructed by the Rector of UMI “Anyone who enters Campus 2,Campus 1-FKG UMI, UMI Tower, and post graduate building campus must follow the UMI disaster protocol as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19”. The same thing was applied to Vice Rector IV of UMI,Dr. KH Zain Irwanto,MA. When he entered the gate of Campus 2, he also had to be patient and stayed in the queue with others to enter Campus 2. This was part of the proceduresrun by the medical team.

In his turn, the medical team consisting of doctors and students conducted a temperature check. His temperature was 37.3. He was surprised with the result. He then introduced himself as vice rector IV and asked the team to do the second check at his office because he was not  sure of the result.

And Alhamdulillah, even though I was little bit worried with the first test, Dr. KH. Zain expressed his gratitude to God because the second check showed a different result,he said “alhamdulillah, my temperature was still normal at 35.

He believed that at the first check he was little bit worried when the thermo gun would check his temperature. Finally he was expressing his relief feeling with a funny expression which made the Crisis Center team laughed.

He really appreciates the teamdue to their consistency in implementing the disaster Covid-19 protocol without any discrimination. He stated “I also have to queue in a line with others, even though I am vice rector IV”. “Hopefully all of UMI’s staffs are free from Covid 19” he prayed. This pray was followed with an Aameen expression by everyone in his room including some UMI leaders who were around at that moment.