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12Apr 2019

Dirjen Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan Kemenristek Dikti telah mengeluarkan pengumuman dan keputusan peringkat akreditasi jurnal ilmiah periode II tahun 2019.Tiga jurnal terbitan Fakultas Teknologi Industri Universitas Muslim Indonesia (FTI UMI) yaitu Journal of Industrial Engineering Management (JIEM) Teknik Industri Terakreditasi SINTA 3, Jurnal GEOMINE Teknik Pertambangan Terakreditasi SINTA 4 dan Journal of Chemical Process Engineering […]

21Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – Business people in Makassar likelihood, estimates 2017 economic growth remains slow in spite of this does not mean that any progress. Hence the need to anticipate specific tips to keep on progress. The view is conveyed by Andi Hudli huduri (Regional Manager of PT Panin Bank KTI), the current discussion on “Economic […]

14Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – The chairman of the Association of Higher Education Computer Science Indonesia (APTIKOM) Center, Prof Ir Zainal Arifin Hasibuan MLS Ph.D. hopes students and graduates of Faculty of Computer Science to create and innovate by incorporating local moral values in digital form, Wednesday, 14 December 2016. It aims to convey the values and […]

07Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – Medical Assistance Team 110 of Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (TBM FK – UM) mobilizes volunteers to descend directly assist the handling of earthquake victims in Aceh. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 SR, toppled buildings and caused deaths and injuries. “TBM 110 to assist the government in handling […]

04Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – PT Pertamina (Persero) challenges the young technopreneur to collide innovation and technology through Pertamina Technopreneur Challenge (PTC). The event that organized in collaboration between the Faculty of Industrial Technology Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI-FTI) is an appropriate technology competition that focuses on aspects of entrepreneurship. The activity is ongoing until December 4 for […]

02Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Muslim Indonesia holds a National Seminar on Research in Computer Science (SNRIK) which is a forum for academics, researchers, practitioners and even students to be able to meet each other to describe and demonstrate the scientific works especially in the field of Technology, Information and Computerization. This […]

22Nov 2016

UMI Makassar – Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) holds a seminar of LPDP Scholarship Socialization in Hall of  KH Muhammad Ramly FTI UMI, Tuesday (22/11). Scholarship Socialization LPDP by theme UMI State Building with LPDP is attended by approximately 150 participants consisting of students, alumni, lecturers and staff of FTI UMI. […]

20Nov 2016

UMI Makassar – Faculty of Industrial Technology Universitas Muslim Indonesia (FTI-UMI) Makassar holds Competency Certification for Companion Certificate (SPKI) Workshop (SPKI) at KH Muhammad Ramly Hall, Saturday (19/11). The workshop takes place two days, starting on Saturday and Sunday (19-20 / 11/2016) tomorrow. On the first day, the committee raised the topic of Occupational Health […]