30Jul 2017

UMI Makassar – Students of the Faculty of Public Health (FKM) of the Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Makassar join the Community Based Adiksi Program (PABM) from Home Basecare (HBC) Ballata, Makassar. This release of FKM UMI internship students, given by Lilis Dayanti accompanied by her friend Rahma, Musfikayana, Sutrianingsih Hasnik, and Anggun Akrianti Putri at South […]

05Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – A total of 1,253 students of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar do an internship (KKN) for the 57th batch in Maros. Rector of UMI Prof. Masrurah Mukhtar said, on Monday 5 December 2016 that almost all districts in Maros occupied by students to increase and realize their knowledge to the public. “A […]

04Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) has the vision to become a world-class university that produces Excellence, Qualified and Islamic graduates that are ready to compete in the global fight. To achieve this vision, the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) UMI cooperates with Kuliyyah of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) to organize International Student […]

24Nov 2016

UMI Makassar – Citizens lives in Poskedes Desa Minasa in Baji, Bantimurung District, for a health check and free medical treatment organized by students of Regular Student Service Batch 57 Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) in Makassar, on Thursday (24/11). Chief of the committee, Lestary Kadir said that residents enthusiastically participated in such treatment. Even people […]