30Jul 2017

UMI Makassar – Students of the Faculty of Public Health (FKM) of the Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Makassar join the Community Based Adiksi Program (PABM) from Home Basecare (HBC) Ballata, Makassar. This release of FKM UMI internship students, given by Lilis Dayanti accompanied by her friend Rahma, Musfikayana, Sutrianingsih Hasnik, and Anggun Akrianti Putri at South […]

20Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – Selecting “Reaching your Future through English” Edutainment English Competition, abbreviated as EEC is a competition and show proficiency in English. This event is the first event organized by the Student Association of English Education (HMPBI) English Language Study Program of UMI (Universitas Muslim Indonesia). “This theme was chosen to emphasize that the […]

18Dec 2016

UMI Makassar – Students of Mining Department of Faculty of Industrial Technology UMI (HMTP FTI UMI) get some predicate as champion at the National Level Competition “Mine space II 2016” implemented by UNHAS Mining Engineering, the CHAMPIONS are as follows: winner 2 for Blasting Branch winner 2 for Mine Debate Branch winner 2 for Crushing […]

28Nov 2016

UMI Makassar- Siti Hardiyanti Dahab, the seventh-semester student of English Education Department Faculty of Letters Universitas Muslim Indonesia (FS-UMI), is invited to Asia Pacific Future Leaders Conference 2016. The conference is to discuss strengthen leadership character, multicultural understanding, entrepreneurship that takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 24 to 27, 2016. This activity was attended […]

27Nov 2016

UMI Makassar – Results of a national scientific writing competition conducted by the UGM Yogyakarta putting the team from Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar won the favorite, Tuesday (27/11). They carry the research titled Eco Filter Portable, Filters CO in the exhaust of motor vehicles by Using Natural Absorbents from Trambesi Leaf Extract. “Our team […]

13Nov 2016

UMI Makassar – Gathering of religious proselytizing (Dakwah) Student Association of Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) UMI takes place in the Hall of Prof.Dr.Hj.Masrurah Mokhtar, MA (13/11). Religious proselytizing (Dakwah) Lecturers of FAI UMI, Dr.H.M.Ishaq Samad, M.A stated this students’ activity is very active and healthy. In addition to establishing a relationship between students and […]

11Nov 2016

UMI Makassar – A total of 14 Student Activity Units (UKM) UMI shows up the achievements that reached so far in the UMI SME Week activities with the theme “Meeting in the Work, Achievement in togetherness”. It is opened by Vice Rector III for students affairs UMI Prof. Dr. H. Achmad Gani, SE, MSi in […]