Chairman of Wakaf Foundation UMI H.M.Mokhtar Noer Jaya Foundation in his room UMI tower Lt 7 (6/11) received a visit of RSPP Business Portfolio Study Team at Wakaf Foundation of UMI and PT. PERTAMEDIKA IHC is represented by Devi Pritasari.

The meeting which was the visit was also attended by Director of Ibnu Sina Hospital, DR. Dr. H. Dwi Djoko Purnomo, MPH, Wadir Finance Amir Mahmud, SE., M.Si, Wadir Medical Services Dr. Syria Tjegge, MHA., Dr. Asdar Djamereng, SE. MM and Wadir Pendidikan Dr. Anna Sari Dewi, Sp.OG.

The two-hour meeting will also follow up the cooperation of Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP) Jakarta with Ibnu Sina Hospital YW UMI, this was conveyed by the Chairman of Wakaf Foundation UMI H M.Mokhtar Noer Jaya accompanied by Wadir II Ibnu Sina Hospital Dr amir Mahmud MSi .

Further, it is said that this visit goes to a more strategic discussion phase related to “business mapping” towards partnership with various models of cooperation offer. “The offer of this cooperation will involve PT. Pertamedika is trusted by the Ministry of SOEs as the leader of Indonesia Health Care (IHC) Group, “said Amir added.