Chairmen of Study Programs Within UMI Are Trained To Be Preachers

UMI Makassar – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) through the Institute of Religious proselytizing (Dakwah) Development and Islamic Campus (LPDKI) UMI holds Dai / Da’iah Training for the Chairman of Study Program within UMI, 20 December 2016.

It is attended by the Vice Rector IV for Islamic campus and Dakwah UMI KH.M.Zein Irwanto, S, M.A who also opens the event officially, the Chairman of LPDKI UMI Dr.HM.Ishaq Samad, M.A, facilitators and 35 participants.

Vice Rector IV UMI KH.M.Zein Irwanto states why lecturers and staff of UMI trained to serve the mission of preaching for UMI as educational and religious proselytizing (Dakwah) institutions. Minimal started preaching of yourself, then preaching through UMI large family as verses of the holy Al-Qur’an Kuu ampusakum waahliykum Naarah (take care of yourself and family from the Fire of Hell).

“Lecturers are expected cooperation with Religion Course lecturers to make the program successful such as memorized the Qur’an Juz 30 for UMI students,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, the chairman of LPDKI UMI Dr.H.M.Ishaq Samad, M.A stated participants are messengers of the faculty within the scope of UMI. They are lecturers of UMI who has a mandate as Head of Department / Chairman of the Program. It is also said training preachers / dai’ah had been made to the leadership of UMI, employees of UMI and UMI among the students.

(Humas UMI)

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