Makassar, – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) is still actively involved to support the earthquake victims at Mamuju and Majane, West Sulawesi.

UMI has been providing health assistance, logistics for survivors’ basic needs and electrical supports in the victim’s camps.

Previously the volunteer team from FTI UMI has built solar panels in refugee‘s shelters, residents’ houses, and worship places, now the team is building an antenna for cell phone signal amplifiers. The donation was from the Communication Forum of South Korean Community Organization (Forkomasi). This was mediated by the famous preacher, Ustadz Das’ad Latief.

The activity was led by the Dean of FTI UMI, Dr. Ir. Zakir Sabara H Wata, S.T, M.T, IPM ASEAN Eng. He said that his team received 25 million Rupiah.

Zakir Sabara said that the three sets of antennas were assembled directly by FTI students at FTI, Campus II UMI, Jl Urip Sumoharjo, Makassar.

“With the amplifier, communication difficulty can be solved, God willing, we will do our best together with the student’s volunteer team and Humanitarian Assistance of FTI UMI to assemble and install the electrical panels in the refugee camps,” said Zakir. Sabara H Wata.

It is planned that the device will be installed in Tamarimbi Village, Ulumanda District, Majene Regency, this weekend.

In this village, the FTI UMI team had previously installed dozens of solar panels received from a number of organizations, individuals and companies.