Makassar, – Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) has conducted a community service program 7-10 February 2021.

In an official statement released on Monday (15/2/2021), there were two main activities in the program, one is the dental and oral health counseling and distribution of basic necessities for those in need.

One of the lecturers participating, drg Imianti, M.Kes, said the counseling on dental health was themed Dental Health Care in the Pandemic. The program was conducted in Katangka Village, Sombaopu District, Minasaupa, Gowa Regency.

“Meanwhile, the distribution of food packages was carried out to people in need in the Katangka Minasa Upa and orphanage people around the FKG’s Campus at Jalan Padjonga Dg. Ngalle,” said Ilmianti.

At the counseling session, she reported that there were two dentists from FKG UMI. “They are Lecturers at FKG UMI, drg. A. Tenri Biba, Sp. Pros, and the dean of FKG prof. drg. Moh. Dharma Utama, Ph.D, Sp.Pros (K), “he said.

“The counseling material is in the form of maintaining dental health during a pandemic. This is expected to be able to provide education to the public on the importance of maintaining dental health even though in the pandemic, “he said.