Makassar, – Director of the Foreign Language Academy (ABA) of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Dr. Hj. Muli Umiaty Noer, M.Hum visited the location of the ABA student who were doing community service program (PKL) (26/2/2021).

The visit of ABA UMI’s leaders was planned to target a number of community service places in Makassar City. However, due to the pandemic the visit was only conducted in a few places one of which was I Laga Ligo Museum, Roterdam Fort, Makassar.

“PKL activities in the museum have been carried out since 2017 as the implementation of the MoU between ABA UMI and UPT Museum LA Galigo,” said the former Dean of the Faculty of Letters of UMI.

Dr. Muli Umiaty explained, in 2021 the PKL was carried out in 28 locations such as I Laga Ligo Museum, government offices, companies, and the schools.

“The places are not only in Makassar city but also outside Makassar such as: Maros, Bulukumba, Wajo, Pinrang, Papua, and others,” he added.

The director and her staff had also visited the Office of Housing, Settlements and Land Affairs (Disperkintan) South Sulawesi, the Provincial Inspectorate, the Provincial Quality Assurance Unit (LPMP), and the Educational Foundation ‘Rumah Harapan.

The Director of ABA UMI hoped that the community services can be sustained by maintaining the collaborations and MoU.

“The students who are doing the community services (PKL) are not only pure students but also double degree students coming from various faculties of UMI,” he added.

“All students are accompanied and assisted by supervising lecturers from ABA UMI both On-line and Offline. During the PKL programs, the students have to follow the Health Protocols and I believe they really have high discipline, “he continued.

The last visited places by the ABA’s Leaders was at PT. Ukhuwah UMI Industri in Lanraki, Makassar City.

“The official withdrawal of all PKL students will be carried out on March 3, 2021,” he concluded.