Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) officially stops its classroom based teaching in order to reduce the potential impact of the Coronavirus. Thepolicy will be running for three weeks.

The Rector of UMI Makassar, Prof.Basri Modding, said that campus based activities have beenstopped from Tuesday (17/3) to Sunday (5/4). So, students and lecturers are instructed to anticipate the spread of the Coronavirus by not going to university.

“So, all students will not attend lectures at university to anticipate the spread of Coronavirus. It will start tomorrow, March 17 until April 5,” Prof. Basri said at the UMI Rectorate Building in Makassar, Monday (3/16/2020).

Prof.Basri explained that even though it was a holiday, many people say call it, the learning and teaching process continue as usual. However, lectures are taught using an online system. A number of social media applications (social media) are also possibly used to replace face-to-face lectures.

“There will be no face-to-face learning, but it is all done online. Online learning could use some platforms such as Google Classroom, Mailing Lists, Microsoft Thinkzoom, WhatsApp Group, Line, or Skype,” he added.

Not only that, UMI Makassar also ceases activities that gather a lot of people.  Such activities may be conducted after the Corona outbreak is handled.

Meanwhile, in relation to doctoral promotion examination, it can possibly be held as long as they are in accordance with WHO standards and at first all the attendees have to go through health check.

“Activities attended by many people both outside and inside universities are postponed. After it is considerably safe, the activities can be started again. In the case of doctoral promotion, it can be done according to WHO protocols which can be attended by the student and the examiners only. However, they have to pass the health examination test beforehand,” he explained.

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, in the holidays, UMI Makassar also secures campus buildings by spraying disinfectant. “We will secure our buildings with the disinfectant spray during the holidays so that the anticipation of the Coronaspread can be maximised,” he asserted.