Abstract : This study results have implications for top management at Local Revenue Agency to identify factors to increase job satisfaction and employee performance. Survey was done to 171 respondents consisted of staffs and leaders at Local Revenue Agency in South Sulawesi Province by questionnaire. Relationship between latent variables were tested by structural equation modeling. It is recommended to leaders to improve job satisfaction and employee performance by creating policies that can be understood and implemented by support from leadership. Study results show that work motivation affect on job satisfaction and performance. Leadership and employee satisfaction affect on employee performance. Adversely, competence has no effect on job satisfaction and performance, as well as the leadership does not affect on job satisfaction. Limitations of this study are not involve demographic characteristics, psychographic and samples only at Local Revenue Agency. Therefore, these study findings cannot be generalized to other government agencies in other regions. Further study is recommended to fill this gap to strengthen the results of this study.

Keywords: Motivation, competence, leadership, job, satisfaction, employee, performance.

Penulis : Hamzah Hafied dan Takdir Hasan Saleh

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