Business & Dakwah

Pillar of Business and religious proselytizing (Dakwah) of the Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI) initiated in the end of 1994, the presence of this pillar is expected to assist the foundation in the financial for education, research, and community service which requires a considerable cost.

The activities of business units are always guided by the vision and mission of YW-UMI and directed to provide optimal services in supporting the academic activities at UMI. Thus, the managers of the business units should make every effort to improve professionalism, so as to give funding profit / contribution to support the foundation’s activities as a whole.

Unit Business

  1. Baitul Maal Wattamwil Ukhuwah (BMTU)

This business unit is a non-formal financial institution (self-supporting based) that operates by Islamic Law and manages funds for the welfare of people through business development strategy such as charity, infaq, Sadaqah. BMTU was inaugurated on July 15th, 1995 by the Minister of Finance. H. Mar’i.e., Muhammad in Makassar, with a management system based on contract (agreement) of Islamic Law compliance (profit sharing) without the element of rent or interest.

The services provided by BMTU today are generally for the YW-UMI as a whole such as for lecturers, staff, and students.

The services provided by BMT Ukhuwah include:
– Services for Savings and Loan.
– Financing services.

The Director: Hj. St. Hafsah, SE
Office Address: Jl. Kakatua No. 27 Telp. (+62-411) 878675 Makassar

  1. PT. Ukhuwah UMI Teknik

Ukhuwah UMI Teknik is one of the business unit established by the YW-UMI based on the act No. 602 dated on December 21st, 1995 by Notary named Mestariany Habie, SH, and has received authorization from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia No: C2-4346.HT.01.01 in Year 1997.

– Contractor / Construction
– Housing Development (Real Estate)

The housing development of Perumahan Ukhuwah UMI located in Jl. Racing Centre / Jl. Pettarani II Makassar with an area of 2.77 ha. The housing development of Perumahan Taman Ukhuwah Sakinah, Daya Makassar with an area of 26 ha with plans to build 1291 housing units, with type 29/78, 36/104 RS, 45/120 RS, 54/150 RS and 70/176 RS. The land that had been freed was 9.7 ha and had already been built 428 units of houses. The housing development of Perumahan Ukhuwah Antang with the area 3.6 ha Makassar is planned to be built 239 units of type 36/84 and 45/104 houses and had been realized the construction of 53 housing units.

Director: Ir. Sudarman Supardi, MT
Office Address: Komp. Ruko Lili Tel. (+62-411) 457084 Makassar

  1. PT. Ukhuwah UMI Business

Ukhuwah UMI Business, the business unit was established by the Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI), dated on April 3rd, 1996 with the act from notary named Mestariany Habie, SH No. 14, and the approval of the Minister of Justice R.I No. C2-3.484.HT.01.01 TH.97. The presence of PT. UMI Ukhuwah Businesses is expected to serve internal needs that have been more complex and varied with the amount that is not less and is expected to give a contribution to YW-UMI.

Type of Business:
– General Trading Unit
– Convection Unit
– Canteen Unit

The Manager: H. Hasan, SE
Office Address: Campus II UMI Jl. Urip Sumohardjo Km. 05 Telp. (+62-411) 443702 Makassar

  1. Ukhuwah UMI Industry

Ukhuwah UMI Industry is devoted to handling the industry field and was established on December 21st, 1995 by the act of notary named Mestariany Habie, SH No. 601 and approval of the Minister of Justice No. C2-4.347.HT.01.01 Th.97.Currently, the company activities are producing bottled mineral water and have been certified by the discharge of SNI Number 01-3553-1996 with the brand named “Ukhuwah” in the packaging of glass and gallon, and has been marketed to the region of South Sulawesi. The current production capacity is between 296. 400 Liter – 345 800 liters per month.

The manager: H. Alide, SE
Office Address: Jl. Lanraki, Daya Tel. +62-411-581234 Makassar

  1. PT. Umitoha Ukhuwah Grafika

The unit is a partnership between the Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI) with PT. Toha Putra Semarang and named PT. Umitoha Ukhuwah Grafika, which is engaged in printing and publishing.
The unit was established by the act of the notary named Mestrariany Habie, SH No. 26 that dated on May 7th, 1996, and approval of the Minister of Justice of Republic of Indonesia No. C2-9200.HT.01.01 TH.97. The form of services includes: integrated services in printing, publishing, copy center, and manufacturing personnel card (ID Card), graphic design, creative writing, and publishing consultant.
There have been many general books and published literature, and has joined in IKAPI (Association of Indonesian Publishers), has even won the trust of the government (Ministry of Religious Affairs RI) to print and publish Al-Quran 30 Juz and Al-Quran Juz Amma.

The manager: M. Nasir Mappile, SE
Office Address: Jl. Kakatua. 27 Telp. (+411) 5073474 Makassar

  1. Rice Fields, Pond and Fishing Vessels

The business units of the Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI) as mentioned above have all been incorporated in the corporate form, besides that there are other business units, namely Rice fields and Pond with the area of 45.115 m2 located in the Kalibone Pangkep District, and two (2) units of Fishing Vessels Ship with size of 6 x 14 m (T. Ziat 1) obtained in 1993, while T. Ziat 2 with size of 4 x 16 m obtained in 1997. Both of these fishing vessels are located in Barombong, Takalar District.

In the beginning, the rice fields, ponds, and the ships are under the coordination of Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Fisheries & Marine Sciences of UMI, as well as a field laboratory for students. The presence of rice fields, ponds and ships and also the laboratory can be commercialized at once, so it can assist in the operations of the laboratory.