Education & Dakwah

Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI)

The presence of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI), which was established in 23rd  June 1954/22 Syawal 1373 H in Makassar, is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, and as the biggest and leading Private Islamic University in the Eastern Indonesia. The grandeur of the university is apparent from the scientific and professional aspects colored by ethics, moral and intellectual based on Islamic identity. It is no wonder if UMI is still the pride of Islamic community in Eastern Indonesia. UMI is also the only accredited private university in the Eastern Indonesia with accreditation number: 036/BAN-PT/Ak-I/Ins/III/2008.

UMI with the typical feature as an educational and religious proselytizing (Dakwah) institution is responsible for wider task than just produce graduates, since education process at UMI provides knowledge and skill based on knowledge pursued and provides additional value to the students through the development of the Islamic faith, ethics and enlightenment of mind as a foundation for the future. Academic activities in UMI have implemented quality assurance standards, according to the standards set by the Government. Hopefully, UMI will produce excellent, qualified and Islamic human resources.

The fundamental commitment of UMI which always has to be inflamed is that UMI as an asset of people is not owned by private or group, its presence has many benefits that are not only for UMI internally but also to the general public. The leadership of UMI for the period 2010-2014, the academics has launched UMI towards World Class University.

Faculties and study programs that are fostered:

Undergraduate Programs (S-1)

  • Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Economic
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Letters
  • Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Industrial Technology
  • Faculty of Computer Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Dentistry

B. Vocational Programs (D-3)

  • Foreign Language Academy (ABA)
  • Midwifery

C. Postgraduate Programs

  • Master Program (S-2)
  • Doctorate Program (S-3)

Campus I: Jl. Kakatua No. 27 Tel. (+62-411) 873018, 874 050 Makassar
Campus II: Jl. Urip Sumoharjo Km. 05 Tel. (+62-411) 449775 Makassar

Lembaga Persiapan Pendidikan (LPP)

Preliminaries of Education Institute of the Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI) or mostly known as Lembaga Persiapan Pendidikan (LPP) was established in March 1973. The Institute is coordinating the middle schools that are directly supervised by the YW-UMI. The idea of the LPP establishment was intended to maintain the continuity of prospective students who will enroll to UMI. The first high school to be opened was Senior High School (SMA) and started accepting students in 1973/1974 to now. In the academic year 1975/1976, the Institute also began the secondary school/Junior High School (SMP).

To respond the society desires that tend to choose schools that apparent competence (vocational), so that in the year 1995/1996 LPP opened the two vocational schools; Secondary Technical School (STM) with the Department of Automotive, Electrical, Electro, and Building Study and Economic High School (SMEA) with the Department of Office Administration and Finance.
The LPP fosters:

  • Junior High School (SMP)
  • Senior High School (SMA)
  • Vocational School (SMK)

LPP address: Jl. Kakatua No. 27 Tel. (+62-411) 856373 Makassar

Boarding School (Pesantren) Outside the City of Makassar

A. Pesantren Wihdatul Ulum

Pesantren Wihdatul Ulum in Borisallo village, Parangloe District, Gowa Regency, is a boarding school fostered by the Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI), which was established on 7th December 1990.

The idea of the establishment was pioneered by the community leaders and local government, then entrusted to UMI, because at that time the village was included as the Patronage Village of UMI. In the early 90-s, then this Pesantren was built, in which UMI named the Pesantren ‘Silaturahmi UMI’, while the community leaders named it ‘Pesantren Nurul Islam Wal Iman’. Once there was an agreement between the party of UMI and the community leaders then they agreed on giving the name to the pesantren as Pesantren Wihdatul Ulum.

Pesantren Wihdatul Ulum fosters:
1. Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Junior High School (SLTP)),
2. Madrasah Aliah (Senior High School (SLTA)).

The facilities owned by Pesantren Wihdatul Ulum now are classrooms, library, multipurpose room, dormitory and Masjid.
Address: Borisallo Village, Parangloe district, Gowa Regency.


B. Pesantren Mizanul Ulum

Pesantren Mizanul Ulum, Sanrobone Village, Mappakasunggu District, Takalar Regency, established and fostered by the Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI) on 27th July 1993. The presence of this pesantren is a concrete manifestation of the concern of YW-UMI in educating and enriching the life of the nation, especially the communities around the pesantren, and as the implementation of the existence of Sanrobone village as a patronage village of YW-UMI.

Pesantren Mizanul Ulum fosters:
1. Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Junior High School (SLTP)),
2. Madrasah Aliah (Senior High School (SLTA)).

Facilities owned by Pesantren Mizanul Ulum now is classrooms, library, multipurpose room, dormitory, and Masjid.

Address: Sanrobone village, Sanrobone district, Takalar Regency

 C. Pesantren Darul Mukhlishin

This pesantren located outside the city of Makassar with a distance of 66 KM from North of Makassar, Padanglampe Village, Pangkep regency. This pesantren is specialized as a fostering place for university student and community especially in character building or spiritual intelligence.

The Coaching is done by housing the students for 30 days and three days (for the community) in Pesantren, by hoping to increase the basic knowledge of Islam, then growing awareness of having good character (berakhlaqul karimah) and the formation of Islamic mindset.

The conducted coaching includes three paradigms of education, namely; intellectual, moral & spiritual intelligence and also the intelligence of life (life and soft skills) combined in the overall pattern of development and synergistic. Intelligence quotient (IQ) is given through formal education, while the moral and spiritual intelligence and the knowledge of life. The coaching is done in Pesantren by practicing worship as a reflection of religious and good character (karimah akhlaqul).

All activities are undertaken as a form of devotion to the God, Allah SWT that are always begun and ended with a prayer recited as in teaching and learning, eating and sleeping, and various other activities.

This Pesantren was built on the area 193.860 M2 with the facilities and infrastructure:

  • Masjid that can accommodate 600 people
  • Twelve (12) Rooms for studying
  • Hall with a capacity of 2500 people
  • Lecturers Lodgment
  • Employees Lodgment
  • Students dormitories
  • Polyclinic
  • Kitchen / dining room
  • Canteen
  • Shops and Telephone Center
  • Sport Center

Address: Jl. Poros Barabatu, Desa Padanglampe, Kec. Ma’rang, Kab. Pangkep Tel. +62811462272