Management of The Board of UMI Foundation

The Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI) started from the first executive board to today realized based on the excellent values that laid down by the founders of the foundation, so that the management concept should be adopted for the Islamic management concepts, in which all positions within the YW-UMI are defined as a mandate.

As a mandate, then whatever the name and position of job entrusted, must be considered and accepted as the extraordinary work that must be accounted for, not only to the leader through the lines of the organizational hierarchy, but also to the God, Allah SWT.

Therefore, the one who holds a mandate especially a university governance level, it is a must to ask first, whether the substance of the policies and decisions by Syariah (Al-Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Rasulullah), or not when a policy would be formulated or in making a decision. If the substance has been fit, the next question is whether the establishment of technical and process, output and impact are in line with the general policy lines set out in the basic legal of the foundation and whether the decision is taking side with the interests of ukhuwah Islamiyah.

Whatever the decision and policy that would be made, it must go through and meet the principles of the deliberations. In this way, the process of policy formulation and the implementation will always uphold the Islamic values and the greatness symbols of Islam.

To have these values are internalized to the maximum in the managerial practicum within the YW-UMI, the laws and rules are set out in all levels of the organization and management levels within the YW-UMI. It must have departed from the five basic principles, as follows:

  • Amanah means to have a responsibility in carrying out the duties and obligations.
  • Fathonah means to understand, comprehend and appreciate everything that has been the duty and responsibility.
  • Tabliq means ways to invite and set a good example by the teachings of Islam in daily life.
  • Siddiq means ways to have the honesty and always underlies words and actions based on the teachings of Islam.
  • Himayah means consistently to nurtures and protects everyone around him/her.

The objectives of management activities within the YW-UMI organization are achieving the blessings of Allah SWT. To achieve that, all elements in the YW-UMI will always crave the grace of Allah SWT.