Organizational Structure of The Board of UMI Foundation

The Board of UMI Foundation (YW-UMI) has entered new phase, with the improvement of the organization of the foundation as outlined in the license change of The Board of UMI Foundation dated on June 6th , 2005 No. 43 by the Notary named Abdul Muis, SH, MH as adjusted by the Act No.16 of year 2001 and the Act No. 28 of  year 2004, with the composition of the board consisting of:

1. The Trustee Board
* Chairman: Prof. Dr. H. Mansyur Ramly, SE, MS
* Secretary: H. Muhammad Serang, SE, M.Si
* Member: Prof. Dr. H. Umar Syihab

2. The Executive Board
* Chairman: H. Muh. Mokhtar Noer Jaya, SE, M.Si
* Executive Chairman: Prof. H. Muhammad Jobhaar Bima, SE, MSi, Ph.D
* Secretary: Ir. H. Lambang Basri Said, MSc, Ph.D
* Members:
Prof. Dr. H. Muh. Nasir Hamzah, SE. MSi
Dr. Ir. H. Fuad Rumi, MSc
Drs. K. H. Abd. Amin Rahim
H. Rusjdin, SE, MM

3. Supervisors
* Chairman: Prof. H. Murdifing Haming, SE, MSi, Ph. D.
* Secretary: Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Latif, SH, MH.
* Member: Prof. Dr. Ir. H. M. Natsir Nessa, MSc