UMI’s Typical Features

One of the dictum in the Charter of UMI formulated by its founders that the basic purpose of the establishment of UMI was to form expert, skilled, virtuous and pious to Allah, and UMI has the role to enforce symbols of noble ideas of Islam.

Thus, since the establishment of UMI, it has become a beacon of hope of the founders and the community at that time. How the application of education to be able to contribute to the intellectual life of the nation must be based on the Islamic value. It is part of nature and historical missions that are monumentally placed in UMI historical documents as an educational and religious proselytizing (dakwah) institution.

A. Islamic Campus Program

This program was initiated in 1985 with expectation not only to be able to implement the mission of the Tri Dharma activities of Higher Education (education, research & community services) which are worldly-minded but also able to develop the education with insightful of the hereafter (ukhrawi). It is based on self-awareness of everyone to involve in as a creature of Allah SWT. Therefore, with this program, it is expected that all UMI academicians can achieve their complete servitude to the God, Allah SWT.

The Islamic Campus program is one program with remedial sight, in which even it is not the same as run by any other Islamic universities, but at least the religious spirit will be staying as the typical feature of UMI. It seems to be very ideal due to the graduates produced and expected by UMI are the men with ulil albab quality or intellectual Muslim, a term expressed in the holy Al-Qur’a given to the skilled clergymen in their field, and without leaving behind the dhikr and devoted to the God, Allah SWT. This quality is also meant to the man as a whole as expected by the Nation, Republic of Indonesia.

The actualization of Islamic campus as an effort in achieving the trust carried by UMI academicians in realizing the Tri Dharma activities and dakwah implementation through education and science & technology development. UMI academicians are expected to have the awareness to take part in increasing the quality of faith, moral and science & technology and skill mastery. It is an effort in developing self-quality to achieve and improve the standard of life as individual and as a Muslim in general, both on campus or outside the campus.

The primary programs of Islamic Campus program are, as follows:

  1. Academic activities and teaching are applying Islamic science in education by implementing the character and color of Islam toward all the science fields which will be given to students, implementing curriculum and teaching method characterized with Islamic teaching, applying the eradication of illiteracy of the holy Al-Qur’an recitation for students and all UMI academicians.
  2. The research field is applying research toward central problem faced by Muslims.
  3. Community services are implementing services to the community based on the priority of development and programmed gradually.
  4. Personnel affairs include leaders, staff directed to the Islamization of working condition in each field.
  5. Students affairs is faith, science, skilled, and moral coaching & development (including the way to wear Muslim dress) for students, which is directed to give motivation, in order students have high spirit, idealism, patriotism and loyalty towards religion, nation, and country, and particularly to their almamater, UMI.
  6. Education and training affairs is an effort in providing the staff in various program, either among lecturers or students.
  7. The grandeur (Syiar) and the core spirit of Islam (Ruhul Islam) fostering are campus utilization, to prosper Masjid and Islamic events and other activities.
  8. To encourage society/ Muslim in spiritual and ukhuwah Islamiyah fields.
  9. To be active in implementing counseling to the community, to increase prosperity and skilled community in all aspects.

The implementation of Islamic campus program should be optimized by all campus elements started from leaders up to the staff included students. All these elements should aware that their existence in UMI, besides as the task executor, it is also considered as a part of religious proselytizing (dakwah) activity. This determination is continually inflamed for socializing the program for all the elements in UMI campus.

B. Short Term of Enlightenment (Pesantren Kilat)

The existence of UMI with its typical feature as Islamic education institution, to carry out the wider and heavier task and responsibilities from just producing a scholar, but by making a serious effort in giving positive value to students, through aqeedah and good character education, as a foundation in facing the future.

This short term of enlightenment or ‘Pesantren Kilat‘ is one of the concrete way implemented in UMI to prepare students to compete in globalization and digital era based on the intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence. This activity was started in the academic year of 1989/1990, which was especially for freshmen. It was begun with the assumption that students who enrolled in UMI came from various background, so that they have to be equipped with faith fostering such as aqeedah, good character, and monotheism (tauhid) from the beginning, then continued to Islamic activities practicum (reciting the holy Al-Qur’an and pray (shalat) practicing). In its development, this movement then becomes the replacement activities of students’ orientation (OSPEK) in welcoming freshmen, so that OSPEK activities is abolished.

C. Mind Enlightenment

Mind enlightenment or ‘Pencerahan Qalbu’ is a typical feature of UMI as education and religious proselytizing (dakwah)  institution held in students boarding school, Pesantren Darul Mukhlishin UMI, located in Padanglampe village, Pangkep regency as the Fourth (IV) UMI campus. The presence cannot be separated from the lofty ideas from UMI founders, in which to foster and improve community level through education and religion encouraging. UMI trustees realize by seeing the phenomenon developing nowadays, educational system nowadays which is more emphasized on treatment pattern or fostering only on intellectual intelligence and skill, while character building is left behind.

In the academic year of 2000/2001, the Pesantren is functioned to encourage UMI students, started from freshmen. It is implemented as a realization that students enrolled in UMI came from a different educational background, and year by year the understanding and basic knowledge in Islam is lower and also the awareness on character building is thinner as the year passed by.

In its development, it is not only UMI freshmen to be housed in Pesantren Darul Mukhlishin, but also leaders, lecturers, staff and students’ council members within UMI. In fact, the fostering and coaching gets a positive response from students’ parents, society and some government and private agencies. It is proven through some government agencies have signed MoU with the Pesantren, such as South Sulawesi Regional Police (Kapolda Sul-Sel), Kopertis WIl. IX and Gorontalo University. The Society also sometimes entrusted their children in the Pesantren, such as the users (for the drugs abused).