FTI UMI Implements Digital Signatures, This is the Dean’s Explanation

Makassar, umi.ac.id – Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI), Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) continues to improve their services.

The latest is the presence of electronic-based administrative services called Digital Signatures. It has been officially running since the week four of March 2021.

Dean of FTI UMI Dr. Ir. Zakir Sabara H Wata, S.T, M.T, IPM ASEAN Eng revealed that this breakthrough was made in order to improve administrative services.

All letters issued by the Dean of FTI in the signature and stamp section will be changed to barcodes.

“The digital barcode signature is implemented for security purposes and service improvement. Barcode signatures are safe to use because they use a QR-code system so they are difficult to forge, “said Zakir Sabara.

The barcode signature, said Zakir Sabara, would identify its authenticity quickly by verification using a cellphone camera.

“If the barcode signature does not come from the system and is only a copy and paste, it will be immediately identified as fake,” he explained.

“The use of digital barcode signatures will also facilitate services, because signing can be done anywhere and anytime,” he continued.

The dean who is known to be active in various disaster areas emphasized “FTI UMI will always try to adapt and always prioritize the spirit of caring and sharing, including in the application of this digital signature”.

Furthermore “FTI UMI cares to implement security in the digital age and share with all students and the public in providing the best service,” concluded Zakir.