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Registration for the 2021-2022 new student Now Open

Reach the Future at UMI

Registration for the 2021-2022 new student Now Open

Achieve your dreams at the Universitas Muslim Indonesia. With a combination of science and Islamic values, as well as the support of a conducive environment, it will form a superior, quality, and Islamic character.

Campus based on Education and Da'wah

Universitas Muslim Indonesia is the best private university in eastern Indonesia with more than 20,000 students from all over Indonesia.

UMI was established in 1954, built by Yayasan Wakaf UMI with its special characteristics as an educational and dakwah institution carrying a wider and heavier duties and responsibilities than just producing scholars with added value to its students.

Ranked 12 Best Private Universities in Indonesia

SCIMAGO Version 2021

Ranked 79 Best Universities in Indonesia

Webometric Version 2021

Ranked 68 Best Universities in Indonesia

2020 Directorate General of Higher Education Ranking

Best Private Universities in Sulawesi

LLDIKTI IX Version 2020 

Video Tour in UMI

Watch a short video about the UMI Campus, you will find the Best Universities in Eastern Indonesia. This video will take you to every corner of the UMI Campus.

Self Development

Why Choose UMI?

The Indonesian Muslim University is the first private university outside Java and the only one in Eastern Indonesia to achieve “A” institutional accreditation. The accreditation of this institution is an indicator of the standard measure of the quality of UMI management by the government.

In addition, UMI has succeeded in showing various achievements in the national and international arena, including Ranking 64 for Clustering of Higher Education by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2020 from 2136 campuses throughout Indonesia, UMI Best PTS in the Sulawesi Region by LLDIKTI Region IX in December 2020, Rank 68 out of all SINTA 2020 version of Universities in Indonesia, Ranking of 98 Best Islamic Universities in the World according to UNIRANK’s version in 2021, Ranking of 12 Best Indonesian Private Universities in SCIMAGO’s version in 2021.

Self Development

Students are motivated to continue to excel both locally, nationally and internationally. UMI has various student forums that can be used for the development and reasoning of the creative spirit of students and become young entrepreneurs.


Universitas Muslim Indonesia as an educational and da’wah institution does not only educate up to undergraduates, but more than that with its distinctive characteristics, namely the development of ethics, aqidah, and enlightenment of the heart as the foundation for achieving the future. This is an advantage that students get at the Indonesian Muslim University.


UMI alumni have worked in various sectors both at home and abroad. Having the ability to be competent in the era of globalization and a strategic role in building the nation and state.

Diploma & Undergraduate Programs

This is the first degree that you can get at university for those of you who are a high school or equivalent. Read more

Professional Program

Professional education will prepare students to master the skill set needed to try out the relevant profession. Read more

Graduate Program

Many educational program options, both Master's (S2) and Doctoral (S3), will bring the learning experience to a higher level. Read more

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