Implementing “Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka”, UMI Strengthens Cooperation

Makassar, – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar has been preparing to welcome new students (MABA) 2021/2022 with the program “Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka”-freely translated as Independent Learning Independent Campus.

This can be seen by UMI’s effort to strengthen cooperation with various institutions. Today, Thursday (25/03/2021) via virtual video teleconference, a collaboration was agreed in the form of a memorandum of understanding with 4 different institutions.

They are BPP South Sulawesi Big Family Organization (KKSS), Universitas Islam Negri Alauddin, Health Polytechnic of Sandi Karsa, and the Islamic Religious Institution Muhammadiyah Sinjai.

UMI Rector Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, SE., M.Si. In his remarks thanked all BPP KKSS management for their willingness to cooperate with Universitas Muslim Indonesia in jointly developing the university and the nation.

This collaboration is a form of preserving the noble values of Bugis Makassar through the JK Center founded by Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar.

On this occasion, The rector mentioned that last month UMI has collaborated with several foreign universities including the University College of the Yayasan Pahang Malaysia and the University of Cyberjaya Malaysia.

“Building the nation and educating the people cannot be done partially, but it must be through collaboration or cooperation,” explained by the former Director of PPs-UMI for 2 terms.

With the “Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka” program, it allows all universities to collaborate with various agencies.

At the end of his speech, the Professor of FEB UMI revealed that currently UMI is fostering 57 Study Programs with 22 Study Programs Accredited “A” and inviting all parties to build the nation together.

The general chairperson of BPP KKSS said that we at BPP KKSS welcomed this collaboration very well. Because we believe that UMI should not be only situated in South Sulawesi but also should exist in the other parts of the nation.

All agreed programs will be followed up by the entire BPP KKSS expert board in order to maintain the noble values of BugisMakassar, he said.

Meanwhile, the Rector of UIN Alauddin Makassar represented by the Vice Rector IV, Division of Cooperation & Institution Development Dr. H. Kamaluddin Abunawas, M.Ag. said that this collaboration should have been going on for a long time, because IAIN Alauddin Makassar was initially from UMI.

We hope that the signing of this MoU is not limited to a signing only, but is implemented specifically through joint research. We will always encourage this joint research to be implemented properly.

Most of the faculties in IAIN Alauddin can be also found at UMI. Especially the Islamic Religion Faculty of UMI which was the beginning of IAIN Alauddin Makassar. There are many big dreams by the two large universities in South Sulawesi that are expected to be realized soon, he hoped.

The Health Politehnik Director of Sandi Karsa thanked UMI for paying more attention to the development of the Health Polytechnic. Furthermore she said that Sandi Karsa was founded by Ir. Rahman Abdi, MT. who was a fulltime lecturer at UMI. As well as many other lecturers from UMI have been assisting the polytechnic in its development process.

At the end of her remarks, the director of polytechnic said that many thanks to the Rector UMI Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, SE., M.Si. and hoped to continue receiving assistance from the Universitas Muslim Indonesia.

The Rector of Muhammadiyah Islamic Religious Institute Sinjai also thanked to UMI for the given opportunity to collaborate in order to improve their quality throughout the form of a memorandum of understanding. He said “our college in the process of changing to a university. In this process it is obvious that we need partnership with many reputable institutions in developing our institution”.

Furthermore, we know very well that the quality Universitas Muslim Indonesia as the largest private higher education outside Java Island and one of the best in Sulawesi and has been accredited “A”.

Through this collaboration, it is hoped that the institution can develop and progress like UMI, he hoped.

The meeting was attended by general chairperson of BPP KKSS and his colleagues, the representative of rector of UIN Alauddin Makassar and his staff, the director of Health Polytechnic Sandi Karsa and her staff, and the Rector of the Muhammadiyah Islamic Religious Institute Sinjai and his staff.

Meanwhile, from UMI, there were the chair of the YW UMI supervisor, the chair of the YW UMI management and Staff, the chair of the YW UMI supervisor, the vice rectors of UMI, the director of post graduate of UMI, the deans of UMI, and the head of departments of UMI.