Looking for High Rank University to Study, UMI is the Right Choice

Makassar, umi.ac.id – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) is the right choice to continue your education to higher education levels (graduate diploma, undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs). Besides as one of the oldest private universities, UMI is a leading private university (PTS) outside Java with an ‘A’ accreditation institution accreditation.

For prospective new students, considering what they will study later in their graduate programs is a must because their study will be one of the most important determining factors for their future.

The ranking of universities and the accreditation of the study programs or majors from Higher Education by the Ministry of Education and Culture and SINTA by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education should be considered.

How about UMI’s ranking?

UMI with its the jargon of Berilmu Amaliah, Beramal Ilmiah, and Berakhlaqul Karimah, as well as highly competitive, has been successfully placed in the high ranks in the local, national, and international higher education rankings.

The university ranking released by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture placed UMI in the 64 ranking out of 2136 universities in Indonesia. The university is doing everything they can to get better and better.

In this higher education ranking system, private and state campuses are equally examined from various variables. This means that in the 64th position, UMI has successfully defeated hundreds of state universities throughout Indonesia and has been establishing itself as a leading private university outside Java Island.

“The 2020 higher education ranking by the Ministry of Education and Culture, UMI is in the 64th rank. This has to be appreciated by the staff and stakeholders. I believe that special credit goes to the team who was working really hard from university and department levels ” said Hanafi Ashad at the UMI Tower, Jalan Urip Sumohardjo. , Makassar, Monday (8/2/2021).

In addition, the Science and Technology Index (SINTA) ranked  UMI in the 77th in 2020. This ranking included public and private universities in Indonesia.

The latest in 2021, the website-based university ranking managed by Webometrics UMI managed to climb from 108 in 2020 to 79 2021 in Indonesian universities.

Referring to these national and international ranking organizations, Universitas Muslim Indonesia should be one of the best choices. The ranking achievements could be an indicator of the quality education run by the university and it could be an initial judgement that UMI keeps adjusting to face challenges in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era.