New Student Admission

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If you want to study in a tertiary institution at Center Points Indonesia which focuses on education and preaching, then UMI is the right choice. UMI always accepts prospective students who intend to continue their education to a higher level. By prioritizing education combined with Islamic values, will form a person with superior character, quality, and Islamic character.

After determining your choice of education level and field of study, whether it is a diploma, undergraduate, professional, master or doctoral program that suits your study interests and career plans, it’s time to register and take part in the selection for new student admissions.

Diploma & Undergraduate Programs

This is the first degree you will earn at university for you who have graduated from high school or equivalent.

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Professional Program

Professional education will prepare students to master the skill set needed to try out the relevant profession.

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Graduate Program

Many options, both Master’s (S2) and Doctoral (S3), will bring the learning experience to a higher level.

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The Application Process


Start Online Submission

Access the website to get complete information on new student admissions. To start registration, click on the DAFTAR DISINI button.


Create an ADMISI Account

The ADMISI account is an account that must be made by PMB UMI registrants for all types of selection and carried out at the beginning of the registration process via the website



Furthermore, prospective participants will get an email to activate the ADMISI account. Click the activation link on the email to login to ADMISI UMI.


Purchase the Registration Form

Click the Buy Registration Form button according to the education level and registration path. Next, you will get a Virtual Account Number which is used for payment.


Payment & Confirmation

Make a payment by transfer via Virtual Account in accordance with the instructions in ADMISI. Then confirm your payment by uploading proof of transfer/payment.


Complete the Registration Form

Fill in the Registration Form and a choice of study programs that you are interested in. Prepare photos, scans of KTP/KK, and other files. See the Enrollment Guide.

Things To Know First

  • Each level of education or study program, there may be different ways of registering. Make sure you get the right information regarding the registration process.
  • Before registering, prepare a scanned file. You can see the registration requirements file in the New Student Registration guide.
  • For applicants who have not graduated from SMA / SMK or equivalent, they can still register. You can attach a scanned diploma or pass certificate at the end of the registration process.
  • UMI never informs the account number for payments related to PMB registration or registration other than to the account number in the name of YAYASAN WAKAF UNIVERSITAS MUSLIM INDONESIA.
  • Do not believe in certain parties that promise approval at UMI.

Need help? Please contact the New Student Admissions Committee

Important Date

For all faculties except the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Registration 01 Maret – 09 Juli 2021
New Student Admission Selection Examination 12 Juli 2021
Announcement 24 Juli 2021
Heregistration and Health Check 26 Juli s.d 23 Agustus 2021

Especially for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Registration 01 Maret – 19 Juli 2021
First Stage Selection Exam 12 s.d 15 Juli 2021
Announcement of the First Stage Selection 24 Juli 2021
Second Stage Selection begins with re-registration (for those who pass the first stage) 26 s.d 28 Juli 2021
Second Stage Selection Exam 29 Juli s.d 04 Agustus 2021
Announcement of Final Selection Results 11 Agustus 2021
Herregistration 11 s.d 23 Agustus 2021

*Please read the registration guide for more information.