Special Gift of the Second Anniversary of MT Ukhuwah UMI, Spread Kindness in the Month of Ramadan with Wisdom

Makassar, umi.ac.id – Entering the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan 1442 Hijri. Majelis Taklim (MT) Ukhuwah UMI Makassar is actively sharing for the needy people.

Activities are packaged in the form of sharing staple food packages. The goal is to spread goodness in the month of Ramadan, coupled with UMI’s 2nd Anniversary of MT Ukhuwah in 2021.

Chairwoman of MT Ukhuwah UMI Dr. Hj Amirah K, Basri Modding, SE MM said that sharing is a routine that is often carried out every year.

“This activity is a routine. As a form of concern for others. Especially now is the fasting month, ahead of the second anniversary of MT Ukhuwah UMI,” she explained.

This alumni of FEB UMI Makassar hopes that the assistance given from MT Ukhuwah to the recipient will be a blessing.

She continued that this social activity is a form of caring for others. Not only within UMI but all the people.

“There are 500 staple food packages to cleaning services, security guards at UMI and the misfortune people. The first day of Ramadan, the food can be enjoyed and they feel joy,” he said.

As for the source of donations, he continued, came from the UMI academic community, alumni and others.

“This is the first stage, there will be further similar activities. Hopefully what we give will be blessed by Allah SWT,” he said.