The Pencerahan Qalbu of UMI is Worth for 6 Credits

Makassar, – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) held Pencerahan Qalbu virtually for students through the video conference application, Thursday (4/2/2021).

The activity is a mandatory for students, lecturers, and staff. It is organized by the Pesantren Mahasiwa (Student Boarding School) Darul Mukhlisin of UMI Padanglampe in collaboration with UPT PKD UMI.

The program was a requirement for all students at UMI without having a credit unit, however recently it has been included in the Semester Credit Units (SKS).

“In the past, Pencerahan Qalbu is only an obligation for students, but now apart from its status as an obligation, the program has been accounted for six credits,” said Vice Rector I, Academic Affairs, of UMI Dr. Ir Hanafi Ashad, MT, IPM.

“Apart from being a favored program of UMI, it is also a manifestation of the Merdeka Belajar, Kampus Merdeka (Free Learning, Independent Campus) by the Ministry of Culture and Education,” continued this Alumni of the Faculty of Engineering, UMI.

Rector of UMI Prof. Dr. H Basri Modding, SE, M.Si in his opening remarks explained that UMI has prepared its students to face future challenges by developing moral characters (spiritual piety) and performance characters (social piety) where they are basically the manifestation of akhlakul karimah as the core of the Pencerahan Qalbu of UMI.

“There are a number of studies indicate that labor forces required in a number of large industries are communication ability and honesty. This is fulfilled by UMI through Boarding based Education “said Prof. Basri Modding.

“So you all have to prepare yourself to build communication skills and high integrity to meet the future need of the work forces. This is actually getting more complex in the 4.0 industrial revolution era, “said the Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business at UMI.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Waqf Foundation of UMI, Prof. Dr. H Mansyur Ramli, S.E, M.S explained that the program is a leading program that will encourage UMI to become a world-class private university.

“Facing global competition, especially in the coming Industrial Revolution 5.0 including and the current Covid-19 pandemic, UMI needs to build commitment both individually and institutionally to develop characters and conditions that are conducive to realize the vision and mission of UMI,” said Prof. Mansyur Ramli.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. H. Ahmad Basit, Lc, MA., Said that the participants of the program will be carried out as usual, starting from the obligation to memorize do’a (prayers) and Sholah procedures, learning and receiving materials virtually.