UMI Has Many Advanced Study Programs for Prospective Students

Makassar, – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) has provided good academic and non-academic infrastructures to support the student’s learning process.

This tertiary institution has been working for the Supplementary Conversion Instruments (ISK) based accreditation and World Class University based on Outcome Based Education (OBE) curriculum. Therefore, it could be considerations to choose UMI for their future study.

To choose the right place to study, the prospective students should consider a number of factors such as the accreditation, the achievement, and the reputation of the study program.

Then how reputable is the study program at UMI?

Vice Rector I of UMI Dr. Ir. H Hanafi Ashad, S.T, MT, IPM said that currently UMI has managed 58 study programs under 13 Faculties, ABA, and Postgraduate Programs.

“43 study programs for undergraduate programs, including 6 professional programs. Meanwhile, at postgraduate level, UMI has 15 study programs-11 master and 4 doctorate programs “said Dr. Hanafi when interviewed at UMI Tower level 9 (18/2).

Of the study program choices at UMI, the former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UMI added that a number of study programs has been encouraged and started to gain international accreditation. UMI has trained lecturers and conducted workshops for Outcome Base Education (OBE) curriculum. With that curriculum, UMI will be acknowledged by international accreditation institutions.

“According to the latest accreditation of all study programs, 21 study programs have been accredited A, the rest 36 accredited in B and 1 accredited C. The C accreditation was because it is new study program” he explained.

From the details of the number of study program choices above, it can be claimed that UMI is a very reputable university for offering to study for those who are looking for one of the best places to study.