UMI Makassar – Selecting “Reaching your Future through English” Edutainment English Competition, abbreviated as EEC is a competition and show proficiency in English. This event is the first event organized by the Student Association of English Education (HMPBI) English Language Study Program of UMI (Universitas Muslim Indonesia).

“This theme was chosen to emphasize that the EEC is an event that motivates students to increase proficiency in the English language,” said Sitti Ufairah, chairman of the committee that once students of the English Education, class 2014, UMI.

It will be held on 18 and 19 December 2016 EEC attended by approximately 150 participants from middle and high school / vocational school in Makassar. This is showed interest in the junior and senior high school / vocational high. The event will be presented Kak Heru and Syafira, a storyteller of Makassar.

In the EEC, the competition that will be completed, four items, namely:

  1. English Debate
  2. English Quiz Contest
  3. Story Telling
  4. Spelling Bee

(Humas UMI)