UMI Makassar – Gathering of religious proselytizing (Dakwah) Student Association of Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) UMI takes place in the Hall of Prof.Dr.Hj.Masrurah Mokhtar, MA (13/11).

Religious proselytizing (Dakwah) Lecturers of FAI UMI, Dr.H.M.Ishaq Samad, M.A stated this students’ activity is very active and healthy. In addition to establishing a relationship between students and between students and lecturers of religious proselytizing (Dakwah) of UMI.

It is also said that this activity is carried out through cooperation between Dakwah FAI UMI Student Association with the Institute of Dakwah Development and Islamic Campus (LPDKI) UMI. Chairman of LPDKI UMI also suggests that students of Dakwah FAI UMI can develop the message through writing, especially virtual religious proselytizing (Dakwah). “Since access to cyberspace / the internet growing rapidly, it is easier for students of religious proselytizing (Dakwah) to upload ideas and religious proselytizing (Dakwah),” he hoped.

One of the students, Inayah said that she was happy joined this event, also, to meet with all the religious proselytizing (Dakwah) students from every generation, as well as to formulate concrete steps to develop themselves. Especially for the development of religious proselytizing (Dakwah) through writing. It is expected the result of this meeting can produce a Virtual Magazine.

(Humas UMI)