Beloso fish (Glossogobius aureus) is a native species in Lake Tempe. There has been a decline in production and Beloso size, so that preservation should be done. The objective of this research was to determine the genetic diversity of various populations of Beloso fish. The research was conducted in Lake Tampe. Organ samples are meat. Beloso genetic diversity was measured with a set of extraction and purification of genomic tools, mt-DNA amplification and electrophoresis. Results of this study found that mt-DNA PCR product read at length 600 bp gene. The length of DNA fragments of beloso fish were sequenced with primer F and primer R is the range between 456 – 607 bp and 565 – 604 bp, respectively. Genetic distance of individual Beloso (Glossogobius aureus) in Lake Tempe is around 0.0012 – 0.0170. The genetic diversity of Beloso was very low leading to the lower income of the communities around Lake Tempe with a lower population and diversity of Beloso fish.

Key words: Glossogobius aureus Purification Genome Mitochondrial DNA Amplification


Penulis: St. hadijah, Ambo Tuwo, Kamarusaman Jusoff, Achmar Mallawa, Asmi Citra Malina, Andi Tamsil

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