Ministry of Health RI assigned Ibnu Sina Hospital as a major teaching hospital. It was confirmed by the delivery of certificate and minister decree.

The delivery of certificate and decree of Ministry of Health RI was in Medical Referral Service Directorate, Adyatma Building Block C which directly delivered by Director of Medical Referral Service RI to general Director of Ibnu Sina Hospital Waqf UMI Foundation, Dr. dr. Sultan Buraena, SpOK, MS. accompanied by the director of education and human resources, vice dean 1 Medical Faculty UMI, Dr. dr. Nasrudin AM, SpOG(K), M.Kes.

“since 2003 or 17 years old, the effort and the wait of the upcoming day to realize Ibnu Sina Hospital to be both Hospital for service or teaching Hospital,” said Nasrudin.

Ibnu Sina Hospital as the second teaching hospital after Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital (Major teaching Hospital Medical Faculty UNHAS) had achieved Ministery of Health decree in East Indonesia Regional .