Background: The coastal area of north Makassar has a flat topography with approxi-mate range of 0-6 m above sea level. Therefore the area has potential flood inundation due to rise in sea level. Objective: This study was aimed to provide an overview of the potential threat of flood inundation in the northern part of the Makassar City coastal region. Method: The method used was spatial analysis which was utilized to identify, analyze and define the land function functions as a result of sea level rise. Results: The results exhibits that the coastal region north of Makassar is potentially affected by rise in sea level based on a scenario simulation. In 2025, the flooded area will be 76.82 ha and in 2100 it will increase to 681.05 ha which included industrial area, open land, mangrove forests, port, and education area in 2025 and 2050. Settlements, reclamated area, wilderness and weirs are also affected. In 2075 and 2100 it will affect agricultural areas. Conclusion: Rising sea levels are caused by flood inundation in coastal areas north of Makassar.

Keywords: flood pool, sea level raise, spatial analysis

Penulis: Abd. Rahman Bando, Marsoedi, Adi Susilo, Andi Tamsil

Artikel ini telah dipublikasikan pada Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 11(5) April 2017, Pages: 12-19.

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