UMI Makassar – Big Family of UMI organizes International Seminar Maulud Rasul 1438 H in the Auditorium of Al-Jibra Campus 2 UMI (28/11). Attended a number Rector of Islamic Universities of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Even representatives of Jamiatul Islamiyah Sarawak-Malaysia, Singapore were also present. Keynote Speaker, Dr.KH.Aswin Rose Joseph. It also introduces the Chairman of the Board of Wakaf UMI Foundation H.M.Mokhtar Noerjaya, Rector of UMI, Prof.Dr.Hj.Masrurah Mokhtar, the vice rectors and some faculties and institution leaders and 1,000 other participants.

Rector of UMI in her speech expresses the importance of having good moral because the Messenger of Allah sent to this world to enhance human morality. “The Messenger build a peaceful society, and a modern Medina constituted with good moral,” she said.

This event is held in between UMI with the Central Board Jamiatul Islamiyah. Thanks to the builder Jamiyatul Islamiah, Dr.KH.Aswin Rose Yusuf for his willingness to be the Keynote Speaker. Similarly to all participants, mainly delegates from Malaysia and Singapore be spoken many thanks for the enthusiasm and attention to this seminar.

General Secretary of Jamiyatul Islamiyah, Prof.Dr.H.Azhar Arsyad, M.A stated that the builder of Jamiyatyul Islamiyah Dr.KH.Aswin Rose Yusuf is the one who gets the ladunniy science. He gained direct knowledge of Allah when he was inside Ka’bah for 45 minutes. He stated after learning that science, he spread to various parts of the world, such as the recent. Chairman of Jamiyatul Islamiyah visited Japan and Islamize some people there. Similarly, in some other countries.

Dr.KH.Aswin Rose Yusuf declared honored invited by the Rector of UMI as a speaker at UMI. He said why the Prophet was sent to enhance akhlaqul kharimah? Why did God not directly improve human morality? Because the essence is, the human soul was dark. Only with instructions of Prophet and Messenger so that the mind become bright, and that which dwells in the man’s chest, so they exalted, as Allah says: Inna akrmakum indallaahi athqaakum (the noblest side of God is the most taqwa).

He stated that human beings are not perfect, then for the human perfection is blown the spirit. There is no meaning of human without a soul. The man who think, feel and act with the senses. It also said if the man is sick, not the doctor who heals but Allah.

Also questioned why the Prophet Muhammad was given the title “Saw”? Not “as” (peace be upon him)? Because of the Prophet Muhammad as a witness to the servant who worships to Allah SWT. It is because the people who participated in the teachings of the Messanger would participate to Allah SWT. Therefore, God enhances human morality. Especially the presence of Islam to elevate the degree of women. Without woman, a person cannot flourish and will never become a man of God. Human conscience is subject to the religion brought by Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, keep the heart, all the wars, sourced from within the human heart. Even people are getting smarter increasingly, but they forgot about themselves.

“Who Allahu Akbar? Prayer iftitah is the answer. He created the world and the heavens. That is the need to commemorate Maulud Rasul to be able to remember the Prophet Muhammad SAW that granted favors  emanated from the truth,” he said.

(Humas UMI)