Active Learning Training for Class III, conducted by Research and Development Institute of Resources (LP2S) of UMI, opened by Rector of UMI Prof. Dr. Hj. Masrurah Mokhtar, MA accompanied by Chairman of LP2S UMI Prof. Dr. H. Hambali Thalib, SH, MH was followed by 33 permanent lecturers of UMI, in LP2S meeting room of UMI Tower Building 3rd floor, Jl. Urip Sumoharjo Makassar.

Rector of UMI Prof. Dr. Hj. Masrurah Mokhtar, MA said that discipline culture must be applied in everyday life, especially for teachers, this discipline culture must be run, but it must start from us, then applied to the students.

“To build the spirit of learning, building student curiosity must start with discipline, discipline teaching and coming on time, so we have to give an example,” he explained.

Learning method now continues to grow with the times, it is not time for a lecturer to give or deliver monotonous lecture material, but the lecturer should motivate the students to actively ask questions, so dialogue occurs. For that lecturers also have a lot to learn because with the sophistication of technology and the opening of information, did not rule out more students know than his lecturer. So this is a challenge for lecturers to be more active learning before teaching. “Hopefully after participating in this training, various innovations will emerge so that the learning process in the classroom is more qualified and professional,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of LP2S UMI Prof. Dr. H. Hambali Thalib, SH, MH said this training is an integral part of the effort to improve the quality of lecturers, because the lecturer’s education level can not be used as a measure to teach well, because there are still many lecturers who have not maximally in transferring their knowledge to the students. For that through the training is expected to add insight and skills, so the results are maximal and can be connected well to learners, ie students.

This training will last for 3 days, with material among others, Learning Policy at Higher Education by Prof. Dr. H. Syahnur Said, M.Si, Classroom Management by Prof. Dr. Aris Munandar, M.Pd, Thinking High Level by Dr. Abdul Saman, M. Si, Kons, Active Learning Model at PT. Farida Aryani, M.Pd, Educational Learning by Dr. Andi Bunyamin, M.Pd, and Active Learning Through Information Technology M. Rais, MP, MT.

(Humas UMI)