The efforts to mediate the substantive improvement in patent submission forms for some UMI’s inventors have been paid off due to the issuance of a patent certificate for one of the inventors, Dr. Andi Emelda. The patent title is ”Topical Liquid for Skin Burns from Unfermented Cocoa Beans”. According to the LP2S chairperson, Prof. Dr. Syahnur Said, MS., some efforts have been made by LP2S (Research and Human Resource Development Bureau) UMI to improve the research quality outputs of UMI’S researchers. One of them is by encouraging research results to obtain patents / simple patents through the involvement of UMI inventors in the dissemination of intellectual property and patent drafting.

For the meantime, there are still 3 patent titles which have also received a letter of mediation notice stating that they can be patented. There are other 10 temporary patent titles acurrently in the substantive examination process. This is good news and very encouraging that in the near future LP2S UMI will again obtain new patent / simple patent certificates from Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia.