LPDKI Disseminates UMI Flagship Program

UMI Makassar – Dissemination Flagship Program of UMI through Character Building and Mental Revolution is held in some high school students and SMK Negeri 1 Bone-Bone and SMK Negeri 1 Sukamaju Masamba (15/11).

These activities take place in cooperation between the Institute of Dakwah Development and Islamic Campus (LPDKI) UMI with the Department of Education. Presented Chairman of LPDKI UMI Dr.HM.Ishaq Samad, M.A, team facilitator, Principal, some teachers and hundreds of students.

Head of SMA Negeri 1 Bone-Bone Mulyono, S.Pd thanked UMI team on arrival in High School (SMA) Negeri 1 Bone-Bone. He said that character education is vital for students. He has arranged all the students of class XII to gather at the Masjid school, so UMI team will be more flexibility in carrying out the activities. It is recommended that this activity will be sustainable and UMI is expected to provide guidance on a regular basis characters in SMA Negeri 1 Bone-Bone, he hoped. “Character education has been a program of the National Education Department and mental revolution into a government program,” he continued.

Chairman of UMI LPDKI Dr. H.M. Ishaq Samad, M.A stated there are 18 points of public character building, including religious, honest, tolerant, curious, democratic, peaceful, loving environment, and so on.

(Humas UMI)

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