UMI Makassar – Business people in Makassar likelihood, estimates 2017 economic growth remains slow in spite of this does not mean that any progress. Hence the need to anticipate specific tips to keep on progress.

The view is conveyed by Andi Hudli huduri (Regional Manager of PT Panin Bank KTI), the current discussion on “Economic Outlook 2017” held by Daily FAJAR in the Hall of the Faculty of Industrial Technology UMI, Wednesday, 21 December 2016.

Hudli also predicts of future economic growth is slowing in line with the conditions of national and global great economy also slowed.

“In 2016 we organized two major events absent Autoshow Panin and Panin Property because the situation is not possible. The growth is very slow, and we expect in 2017 is likely to remain slow. The indicators until the end of the third quarter many companies complain and do not reach the target,” said Hudli.

Meanwhile, President of IMA Chapter Sulsel Kaimuddin Hariyadi said the economy slowed down but still there is optimism in 2017. “Maybe not as tight as in 2013 or 2014 ago. That must be anticipated was how to get out of the slowdown.

“We remain optimistic for growth continue to grow despite the delay. The important thing is not a minus. We must be creative and innovative. So do not make the slow development of this as a scapegoat. Marketing Toyota dropped 30 percent nationwide, but this does not mean going down. So the spirit needs to be maintained while making breakthroughs and innovation, “said Kalla Toyota’s CEO.

Attending the three other speakers, Managing Director of IMB Group Andi Rahmat Idris Manggabarani, President IMA Chapter Makassar Hariyadi Kaimuddin, Vice President for Region VI Makassar Garuda Indonesia Dian Ediono and guided by Faisal Syam (Director of Daily Fajar).

(Humas UMI)