The Implementation of Ghaib pray for the late Prof.Dr.H.Abd.Razak Datu, Ph.D took place at Masjid UMI Campus 2 (7/3). Present the Vice Rector III Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Gani, SE, MM, the Vice Rector V of UMI Dr. H. M. Arfah Siddiq, MA, the Chairman of LPDKI Dr. H. M. Ishaq Shamad, MA, the Vice Dean III of Faculty of Medicine Dr.Nasruddin SPOG, hundreds of lecturers and students of UMI.

After the Ghaib pray, followed by short preach (Kultum) brought by the Vice Dean IV of Faculty of Medicine UMI Drs.H.M.Said P, MA. In his short preach, he talked much about the leadership of the late Dean of Faculty of Medicine UMI, which is consistent, diligent to take jamaah pray in Masjid. He also said, “The late Prof.dr.H.Abd.Razak Datu  is an exemplary leader especially his ability to lead FK UMI fairly. There are messages from the departed to the leadership of UMI to be able to prosper masjid with praying. Besides, Muslim clothing, and the eradication of illiteracy of the holy Al-Qur’an, because if  Muslims do not know  how to recite holy Al-Qur’an, certainly less beautiful,”  he said.

M.Said states, “UMI is losing an exemplary leader and hopefully UMI is able to produce next leaders like the late Prof.dr.H.Abd.Razak Datu, Ph.D,”  he hoped.

(Humas UMI)