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An Analysis of Consumer Behavior on Choosing Bank Syariah in Makasar City

Abstract : The aims of this study were to discover (1) the effects of internal factors ah comprising product, price, promotion, location, process; (2) external factors such as religion, social

Soil Quality Analysis of Brackishwater Shrimp Farming in Coastal Areas of Takalar Regency – Indonesia

Abstract: The study aims to find out condition of soil quality in brackishwater ponds in Mangara Bombang Sub-district, Takalar Regency where the center for brackishwater farming development is built.  Soil

Perbandingan Sistem Hukum dan Peradilan

Perbandingan Sistem Hukum dan Peradilan Civil Law System dan Common Law System Penulis : Dr. Nurul Qamar, S.H., M.H Penerbit : Refleksi, 2010