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Prinsip-Prinsip Hukum Acara Peratun

Abstract: Administrative Court as one of the executors of judicial power is a specialized judiciary that handles disputes arising from the State administration. As an individual judicial body, it retains

The Effect of Mixed Composition Using Mix Design and Volume Ratio Towards the Strength of Concrete

Abstract: This research observed the concrete strength, which made using mixture composition with and without mix design analysis. Mixture base on mix design is measured base on weight comparison, and

Metode Elemen Hingga: Teori dan Konsep Dasar

Judul: Metode Elemen Hingga: Teori dan Konsep Dasar Penulis: Dr. Ir. Iskandar B Paggaru, M.Sc Penerbit: Yayasan John Hi-Tech Idetama, Edisi Pertama, Cetakan Pertama, 2014. Berikut hasil review dari reviewer