This study titled local economic development and poverty reduction by taking Pangkajene and Kepulauan district as research objects. This study uses secondary data and primary data. The analytical tool used in this research is the analysis of Location Question (LO), typology analysis, Gini Ration, as well as statistical analysis of the dominant factors that influence the poverty. The results showed that the local economy is more dominant developed based on existing resources, especially in the agricultural sector and the industrial sector and mining, and services. If the local potential is not developed optionally, then the area will affect the inequality and poverty. While a significant factor to the poverty that occurs is the factor of education and economic activity is in a particular sector, so the impact on income inequality as a cause of poverty in the area. Furthermore, income inequality that needs to be aware of the region mainland. Both land and sea in order to reduce poverty take strategy and direction of local economic development are expected to address income inequality and reduce poverty.

Penulis: Mukhlis Sufri

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