Makassar, – Rector of Universitas Muslim Indonesia(UMI) Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, SE., M.Si. attended and delivered a public lecture at Engineering Profession, Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) through video teleconference zoom and Live Youtube, Saturday, February 13, 2021.

The public lecture’s theme was “Engineers to Build Indonesia, Engineers with Integration and Dignity”.

This activity was attended by the Rector of UMI, Prof. Dr. H.Basri Modding, SE., M.Sc., Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, represented by the Vice Dean 1. Ir. Hj Setyawati Yani, MT. Ph.D., IPM, ASEANEng., And General Chair of the Indonesian Engineers Association, Dr. Ir. Heru Dewanto, M.Sc. (Eng), IPU, ASEAN Eng. who delivered an opening speech.

Other attendees were Ir. Bambang Goeritno, MPA., MSc., IPU(Chairman of the Engineering Standards Council of the Indonesian Engineers Association / Chair of the Civil Vocational Board of Indonesian Engineers Association) and Ir. Rizal Kasli, IPM, POU (General Chairman of Indonesian Mining Experts Association, PERHAPI) who was invited to be the speaker and Ir.Habibie Razak, ST, MM, IPU, ASEAN Eng., ACPE (Project Director Energy, Resources & Transport SMEC Indonesia / Alumni Professional Engineering Program of FTI UMI who was acting as Moderator.

The Rector Prof. Basri Modding, in his speech, thanked the speakers for their willingness to provide insights and to Dean for organizing the public lectures. He believed that the event was a very fruitful meeting to broaden the attendees’ horizons in engineering.

Indonesia needs engineers who can increase the national competitiveness in exploring and providing added values to the various potentials possessed by Indonesia.

Therefore, we really hope that engineers can overcome global challenges and can encourage various advancement and independency of the nation, said the former 2 times Director of PPs UMI 2.Engineers are expected to be able to lift Indonesia’s advancement and encourage independence. This requires several things, one of which is global competency in science and technology.

Therefore, we need to produce qualified human resources that can compete at the international level. In addition, towards the 5.0 industrial revolution, UMI has been working to equip its students with leadership, foreign languages, and information technology skills as well as skills to generate creative ideas, he explained.

We really hope that engineers graduating from FTI UMI will not only work in hardware maintenance and operation, but also can increase competitiveness and sustainable added values in the industrial sectors. Also they have to be engineers with high social responsibility, he hoped.