Indonesian Muslim University, on June 2, 2020, will reopen after a lockdown for approximately three months. However, this is only for leaders and staffs by still referring to the WHO health protocol.

Lecturers and students continue working from home by employing a variety of existing technological instruments / applications. This was conveyed by the Rector of UMI, Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, SE., MSi., (28/5), at the UMI Tower level 9 after the Halal Bi Halal ceremony.

Furthermore, he stated that all academic administration and payment activities continue to run online. As for academic activities such as seminar for proposal and thesis and final examinations, they all will be still online. Also he said that face-to-face service (offline) on campus will be run only after the conditions declared normal by the government.

Leaders and employees are encouraged to return to their activities on campus but they have to pass through to the health protocols. “Every person who enters campus premises is obliged to conduct self-detection of Covid 19 and go through health protocol examination at the entrance gate. If the body temperature is above 37.5 oC then the person is not allowed to enter the campus area and directed to go home to rest”, stressed by Prof. Basri Modding.

He also mentioned that all unit managers had been assigned to take responsibility for their units to run the preventive program such as providing standardized hand sanitizers.