Makassar, – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) continues to innovate to be a better university.

For example, in the business management sector, UMI just established Assalam Gallery under the Entrepreneurship Service Center and the Innovation Gallery of Innovative Management and Business Incubation Unit.

The rector Prof. Dr. H Prof. Dr. Basri Modding S.E, M.Si accompanied by Vice Rector (VR) I Dr. Ir. Hanafi Ashad, S.T, M.T, IPM, VR III Dr. Nasrullah, M.H and VR Prof. Dr. Ir. Hattah Fattah, M.S visited the the gallery, (18/2/2021).

During the visit, the rector and vice rectors took some time to see all the displayed products at the Assalam Gallery. All of these products are sold and they are all the students and lecturers’ product.

On this occasion, Prof. Basri Modding explained that rectorates support all innovative ideas and products by students and lecturers. After the production the products should have a copyright with the name of UMI in it.

“This is a direct manifestation of the Merdeka Belajar, Kampus Merdeka (MBKM)-Freedom in Learning and Independent Campus. We will always encourage innovative and creative works from all students and lecturers, “said the Professor of FEB UMI.

“So with the MBKM ruled by the Government, the universities have to encourage their students to create products. So after graduation, they already have a business and a brand name,” continued Prof. Basri Modding.

Meanwhile, Prof. Hattah Fattah who is also the vice rector V-promotion and cooperation affairs- explained that he would assist the students and lecturers to expand their products.

“The first is about cooperation. We have been through production process. Now what we will do is the commercialization processes, “said the Professor of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, UMI.

Prof. Hattah said that the commercialization process should be carried out by building a lot of cooperation and networks with the government, especially the private sectors.

“So we have to cooperate with the government and the private sectors. With that way, we can apply the triple helix concept, “added Prof. Hattah.

The Innovative Management and Business Incubation Unit, Dr. UMI. Asdar Djamereng, S.E, M.M who was accompanied by the Head of the Innovation Development Division of the unit, Dr. Ir. Hj Siti Rahbiah Busaeri, MS., said that his party provided a number of products for sale. Most of these products are processed foods and natural ingredients.

“Black garlics, proceed turmeric, pepper powder, chili powder, coriander powder, garlic powder, garlic capsules, Moringa leaf powder, solo garlics, onions, Danke, Seppang products, ginger, soybean cakes, and cloves,” he concluded.

At the end of the visit, the entourage had the opportunity to give prize and presents to outstanding students in 2020 that participated in the national Start up Competition.

They were A. Nasri Masri (FEB / 2017), Andi Rayhan Arman (FIKOM / 2016), Yudha Islami Sulistya (FIKOM / 2017), Muhammad Rusdiansyah (FIKOM / 2018), Fery Setyo Aji (FIKOM / 2018), and Taufik Baharsyah. (FIKOM / 2017).