750 students were withdrawn from PencerahanQalbu Program (Religious Capacity Building Program) at the Boarding of Darul Mukhlisin UMI at Padanglampe, Pangkep. This is due to the Disaster Protocol & UMI Rector’s Instruction issued on Monday, March 16 2020. One of the points is to suspend all teaching and learning activities and all the running and planned programs which are attended by many people/students. This effort is made in order to prevent and anticipate the spread of Covid-19. This was said by the Chair of the Crisis Center of UMI, Prof.Dr. H. Hatta Fattah, MS. accompanied by the Secretary, Dr. Ir. H. Zakir Sabara ST., MT., IPM.,Asean. Eng,. The interview was conducted at Menara UMI level 9 (17/3).

Prof. Hatta said that all participants of the program should go to a medical examination by the Medical Team of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of UMI at the boarding. If the students were in poor condition (flu and cough) then they were separated in a special bus. After their arrival in Makassar, they will be examined at the Ibnu Sina Hospital of Waqaf Foundation of UMI.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday afternoon, all the withdrawal processes has been running smoothly. Now they have to participate in online learning during the university lock down process which lasted until April 5, 2020. The withdrawn students were from Faculty of Industrial Technology and the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Mean while, the Secretary of the Crises Team,Dr. Zakir Sabara, added that many enquiries why students were withdrawn from the boarding. They believe that the boarding area was considerably safe. However, the rector and the senate membersagreed that the boarding premises, located 70 KM away from Makassar City, is safe however no one can guarantee the visitors who come and interact with the people there were clean from the virus.

“That was one of the main considerations, so we decided to lock down the boarding of Darul Mukhlisin,” added Dr., Zakir who is also the Dean of FTI UMI. He then encouraged the students and closed his address by saying we thank you for your understanding, the main thing is “it is not how long you have been participating inthe program, but how serious and focus you are when participating in the program”.